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Designed, Developed, Manufactured and Supplied   Mould-Tek, Electrical Controls for the
Plastic Industries worldwide.

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Our Custom Designed PCB (printed circuit boards) and control panels

Central Vacuum Conveying Loading Systems


 Convey Pacer I    Hardwired loaders to control panel

Convey Pacer II   Hardwired loader to control panel

Convey Pacer III  two wire serial communication to each loading station


VLC-P   mounted remotely by each loading station for proportioning of two materials for Convey Pacer I and Convey Pacer II

VLC-S    single material conveying

VLC-PS  dual material proportioning

VLC-SPL  powder material loading


All three  use a two wire serial connection back to the convey pacer III

VIM-P    controls a stand- alone single loader connected to a single pump.

PPF      controls the timing of short pulses of compressed air in the bag house of the dust collector.

VBL     Blending   of  four different materials, such as virgin, regrind and two additives into one common        

            Mixing chamber   

AFIII    controls a variable DC motor to dispense color additive via a screw feed