Manufacturer of Custom Electrical Control Panels & Systems Represented and Sold through Mould-Tek Industries Inc. (Also known as M-Tek Industries Inc. in the U.S.A.)


For the past 30 years Central Automation Control Ltd. has been the major supplier of all electrical custom controls sold by Mould-Tek Industries throughout the plastic industry worldwide.


Most of our control panels are designed for material conveying and material handling systems. Automated pneumatic system for movement of raw materials from railcars to silos and from silos to hopper loaders above the process equipment.


Some of our Automated Control Systems include:

·         All Railcar Unloading Systems, Silo level Controls, Central Vacuum Conveying Loader Filling Controls, Central Filter / Dust Collector Controls, Additive Feeder Controls, Vibratory Feeder Controls, Central Regrind Material Retrieval Controls and Automatic Vacuum Pump Switching Controls.


Our Custom Designed PCB (printed circuit boards) are used in the following controls.


Central Vacuum Conveying Loading Systems. ( Loader Filling Controls )

·         Convey Pacer I  - Hardwired Loaders to control panel

·         Convey Pacer II – Hardwired Loaders to control panel

·         Both the Convey Pacers I and II utilize the VLC-P Control Panel mounted remotely by each loading station for proportioning of two materials.

·         Convey Pacer III – Two wire serial communications to each Loading station.

·         In addition to the Convey Pacer III, for single material conveying the VLC-S control panel is used. For dual material proportioning the VLC-PS control panel is used. All powder material Loading uses the  VLC-SPL Panel. All three above control panels use a two wire serial communication with the Convey Pacer III master control.

·         Large over hanging Scoreboard Panel with seven segment digital displays indicate station numbers filling and stations non-fill alarms. This scoreboard also uses a two-wire serial connection back to the Convey Pacer III.

·         The VIM-P Panel controls a stand alone single Loader connected to a single vacuum pump. 


Additive Feeder Controls.

·         The AF III panel controls a variable DC motor to accurately dispense color additive via a screw feed through a holding hopper mounted above the extruder.


Dust Collector and Filter controls.

·         The PPF control panel controls the timing of short pulses of compressed air in the bag house of the dust collector.


Vibratory Feeders Controls.

·         The VBL control panel is used for blending of four different materials such as virgin, regrind and two additives into one common mixing chamber. The VBL panel has individual variable front control setting for adjusting the flow rate of each material.


PLC and Touch Screen (HMI) Controls.


Railcar Unloading Systems.

·         PLC controlled with graphical overview of complete unloading of railcar material to storage silos. Direct Logic 05 series, 205 series, 305 series PLCs. GE series One and Simatic 305 Series PLCs are used in the Railcar unloading systems. 

·         Direct Logic DPM320 series and EZ Touch series are some of the Touch Panels used for the Railcar unloading systems.


Central Automation Control   Limited Tel: (905) 475-2503 Fax: (905) 910.0274   Email: cac@centralautomation.ca


Central Vacuum Conveying Loading Systems. (Loader Filling Controls)

·         Multiple material Receiving Loaders connected to a Single or Dual Vacuum Pump System.  Some of the brand names of PLC used through out our control panels include: Direct Logic 05 series, 205 series, 305 series, GE series One, TI 305 series, Simatic (Siemens) 305 Series, all Omron C series, Allen Bradley SLC500, GE Fanuc 90-30 series and Moeller Easy of controllers.

·         For Material proportioning the PLC Loader Panel controls a remotely loader station mounted VLC-P Panel.


Central Regrind Material Retrieval Controls

·         Regrind material from grinders are collected through Receiving Loaders and stored into Silos or Gaylord hoppers. PLCs used for this system include: Direct Logic 205 series, 305 series, all Omron C series, Allen Bradley SLC500 and GE Fanuc 90-30 series of controllers.


Automatic Vacuum Pump Switching Controls.

·         In most of our Automatic Vacuum Pump Switching Panels, the Telemecanique Smart Relay and Moeller Easy PLCs have been used.


Vacuum Loading Systems

•   Capable of controlling Fill Cycle up to 31  loaders with 2 pumps



Some of the companies who uses our control systems:


·         The ABC group

·         Ropack Industries. – Oakville, Langley B.C

·         AEP Canada Inc. -  Toronto

·         Norseman Plastics – USA

·         Horizon Plastics – USA

·         Salga Products Inc

·         Partners in Plastics – USA

·         AT Plastic Inc.

·         Little Tikes – USA

·         Atlantis Plastics – USA

·         Industrial Plastics – USA

·         Salflex

·         Gillette

·         Kodak

·         Plastcoat Ind.

·         Irving Oil

·         AEP Canada Inc – Edmonton

·         Shepherd Mfg.

·         Encore Wire Corp. – USA

·         Netafim Inc. – USA

·         Corma Inc

·         Atlantic Packaging

·         Cantar Polyair

·         Comet Automation


For Manufacturing and Repair send us an email:  cac@central-automation.com



Central Automation Control   Limited  Tel: (905) 475-2503  Fax: (905) 910-0274   Email: cac@centralautomation.ca